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3 Things to Know About Virtual Recruiting

We recognize that traveling to campus for recruiting is sometimes impossible. If you’ve tried interviews over cell phones and at-home webcams, you may understand the challenges that come with their low resolution and poor connections. We’re here to help make interviewing from a distance clear and easy. Here’s how:

1) Dedicated Virtual Interview Space – Students may use one of our soundproof rooms with professional conferencing equipment. Paired with our strong internet connection, your calls should be high quality and uninterrupted.

2) 24/7 Accessibility – We can accommodate interviews regardless of your time zone or business hours. Students have access to the virtual interview space any time of the day and any day of the week. This helps you conduct interviews in a time that fits your needs.

3) Easy to schedule – Simply agree on an interview time with your candidate. Then, the student may request the space with our office. A member of our staff will contact you to obtain your IP address and run a test connection to ensure correct set up.

-Kurt Piemonte, HBS Career & Professional Development


Job Search Days at HBS

HBS places a high priority on academics and the communal learning benefits of the case method, so in an effort to support the school’s mission, students are not allowed to miss classes for recruiting purposes. However, we understand that students are balancing their academics with their job search, and our recruiting partners want to find time to connect with students.  These interactions are very important and we want to support you  throughout the recruiting process. Therefore, each year, the Career & Professional Development office works closely with the administration to carve out “Job Search Days” on the academic calendar. On Job Search Days students are free from academic obligations and can devote their time to interviewing, networking, and applying to jobs. As you plan for interviews during the spring semester, we encourage you to utilize the Job Search Days to ensure that students will be able to travel to your office without missing classes. There are Job Search Days spread out throughout the spring semester, so we hope that you can find several days that might work well for you and your colleagues. As always, we encourage you to contact your Recruiting Relations Manager with any questions.

EC (Second-Year) Job Search Days

January 30
February 16 (Presidents’ Day), 27
March 16-20 (Spring Break)
April 3, 20 (Patriots’ Day)


RC (First-Year) Job Search Days

January 30
February 6, 13, 16 (Presidents’ Day)
March 2, 16-20 (Spring Break), 31
April 3, 20 (Patriots’ Day), 21

A New Way to Recruit

When I was a student at HBS, I spent a lot of time discussing my career with classmates who were interested in learning about my experiences working in venture capital, or as a summer intern at a start-up.

HBS coffee chats are a great way to understand how to find opportunities in a given field, day-to-day responsibilities in those fields, and how those positions may affect one’s career trajectory. As HBS students, we are all extraordinarily lucky to be part of a talented group of professionals willing to share our experiences and advice with one another.  Unfortunately, most people are not as fortunate. Starved of the peer set we sometimes take for granted, most job candidates are forced to rely on google searches, and questionable third-hand accounts of how to procure and succeed at the jobs that interest them.

I started working on LifeGuides a year ago while still in business school.  We set out to democratize career-related knowledge, so that anyone could understand whether a given career path was right for them, how to successfully pursue that path, and  how those efforts could affect one’s long-term career trajectory.

Nearly a year after starting this journey, LifeGuides now features nearly two thousand pieces of content, most of which comes straight from employees at top companies.  By having such a prominent presence on the site, LifeGuides offers a unique way for businesses to recruit the proactive, well-informed candidates that are already searching for detailed career information through LifeGuides.

Furthermore, LifeGuides allows corporate recruiters to convey their opportunities in far greater depth than is currently available via a careers site or LinkedIn posting.  This is a pitch that has resonated with companies, and we’ve signed on some great corporate partners as we continue to grow.

Were it not for my HBS experience, I would never have founded LifeGuides.  Even as an alumnus, the Harvard community continues to support this audacious goal by providing office space at the Launch Lab.  With an HBS classmate as our head of content and section mates as our initial contributors, the HBS community remains a driving force behind our very encouraging growth.

At LifeGuides, we’re excited to provide a new  opportunity for job seekers to understand various career paths, in addition to offering great companies a new opportunity to communicate with the most thoughtful candidates in the job marketplace.  Check out our guides, mentors and companies.   Or, if you’re interested in using LifeGuides to recruit talent, feel free to send me an email at

– Phil Strazzulla, MBA 2014, LifeGuides Founder

Checking out Dublin’s Tech Scene

Career & Professional Development recently spent a week in Dublin at the 4th annual Web Summit.  It was evident from the attendance and energy at the conference that the technology and entrepreneurship scenes are thriving in Dublin.  In addition to the Web Summit, we checked in with the Dublin offices of Dropbox, Google and Twitter.  It was great to meet HBS alumni and recruiters at their place of work and to see that the cultures of these firms are alive and well while incorporating the Dublin vibe.  As for the Web Summit, HBS was represented in a big way with speakers from HBS alumni founded companies Cloudflare, Peek, Zynga, Gilt and others.

We left Dublin feeling super excited about the career possibilities for our students and alumni.  For our recruiting partners in Dublin and Europe beyond or for organizations based in the US with international opportunities, we’d love to hear from you about your hiring needs for the coming year.  With 6% of the Class of 2014 who sought employment accepting jobs in Europe and 17% accepting jobs in technology overall, there’s an ongoing pool of interested talent to meet your hiring needs.

-Cathy Hutchinson, Corporate Relations Director, HBS Career & Professional Development

Company Information Day Recap

A few weeks ago we successfully kicked off first-year recruiting with Company Information Day (CID).  49 companies representing 22 industries based in Boston, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Sao CIDPaulo, and more filled the HBS campus.  From the presentations to the networking sessions company representatives had the opportunity to connect with over 350 members of the Class of 2016.

If you were unable to attend CID but are still interested in recruiting for summer interns or full-time hires, there are a variety of ways to get involved:

  • Educate students about your company’s culture and opportunities by participating in Company Presentations at HBS.  We already have 89 companies signed up to present in November and December.
  • Participate in an Industry Education Event which is educational in nature and offers companies the opportunity to engage with students on topics of interest outside of recruiting.
  • Connect with students through targeted recruiting events including receptions, coffee chats and dinners.
  • Attend an upcoming student-led club conference to connect with students interested in your organization industry, function or location.

– Kendall Borges, Digital Engagement Manager, HBS Career & Professional Development

Finance Conference Recap

On October 25th, 2014, the Finance Conference took place at Harvard Business School, with the theme of Finance in the New Era of Growth. This was the first year of a joint-hosting for the event between the Harvard Business School Finance Club and the Harvard Kennedy School Finance and Macro PIC. Over 400 attendees registered for the event, which featured three keynote speakers and six panels through the course of the day.

The opening speaker was Mr. Doug Braunstein, current Vice Chairman at J.P. Morgan Chase. With experience in investment   FC- First Speaker  banking spanning back to 1986, Doug spoke on the inevitable cycles of the industry as well as his optimism in the ability of financial institutions to adapt to the deluge of regulatory changes seen since the financial crisis.

His discussion was followed by a selection of pFC- Women Panelanels, which included M&A, Structure of the Financial Industry, Women in Finance, and Capital Markets, each of which probed deeply into the subtopics covered.

Following lunch, Steven J. Goulart, CIO of MetLife, was able to speak about the investment philosophy at MetLife and on his views of the investment world following the crisis. This was followed by the panels Industry Regulation, Impact Investing, and Careers in Finance. Attendees also had the opportunity to engage in coffee chats with recruiting representatives from select firms.

The day ended withFC- evercore the closing speaker, Roger Altman, Founder and Executive Chairman at Evercore. Roger spoke on the broader economic risks he sees today as well as on his outlook for the future, which was a fitting close to the day’s discussions.

Janet Jin, HBS Finance Club Co-President


Create Buzzworthy Industry Education Events at HBS

As a presenting recruiting organization, you may face a marketing challenge. And that is, how to be both differentiated and relevant when you make an Industry Education Event to HBS students.  These events provide companies with the opportunity to engage with students on topics of interest outside of recruiting. We want you to succeed in your presentations, and have students walk away both smarter and psyched about your firm and sector because they invested their time to attend.  Here are our four keys to that kingdom of an outstanding Industry Education Event:

  1. Focus on a Game Changing Topic: Is there some element of your business model creating real news in the category?   What does the firm have going on that is really changing its marketplace?  Create a differentiating story around that aspect of the business, and position it as the latest dimension of how your firm leads your industry.  Be tough on yourselves as you pick the topic; the more ground-breaking the story, the more relevant your firm will be to our students.
  1. Get Personal with Invitations:  As an HBS recruiting partner, you can use the HBS resume book databasesto select students whom you are particularly interested in targeting.  And all of us are more responsive to personal invitations compared to generic ones, right?  Those firms who send personalized email invitations to specific students tend to have a more engaged audience at their Industry Education Events.  Our students appreciate the personal touch and it says something positive about your firm’s culture.
  1. Use an Ace Presenter: Great content deserves a great presenter.  A less than dynamic speaker who doesn’t connect well with the MBA audience can hurt your firm’s buzz on-campus.  It pays off to pick the most engaging senior presenter you can, and if they are an HBS alum, all the better.  You’ll stand out better as a firm, and resonate more memorably with students.
  1. Bring a Dynamic Posse: We can’t stress enough how having a few employees at your presentation, who genuinely want to connect with HBS students afterwards, will make a lasting difference for your organization.  You are investing your team’s time and funds to travel to HBS, and sending an energetic posse of colleagues to speak with our students after the presentation will drive more return for that investment.  Of course, it’s fantastic if they are HBS alumni, but if they aren’t, just pick people who MBA students can relate to and who want to connect with HBS students.

Best of luck with your Industry Education Events. And be in touch with our office if we can help your marketing and recruiting efforts at HBS in any way.

Laurie Matthews, Corporate Relations Director, HBS Career & Professional Development