Alumni: Where are they now? Featuring Matt…

HBS alum, Matt Segneri, MBA 2010, provides an update on his career post-HBS. Check out his original profile at graduation.

Current Position: Government Innovation at Bloomberg Philanthropies
Current Location: New York City

Tell us what you’re up to these days.
After two years as a senior advisor to Mayor Thomas M. Menino (the first as an HBS Leadership Fellow), I’ve spent the last year and a half on the Government Innovation team at Bloomberg Philanthropies, Michael R. Bloomberg’s charitable foundation. I lead Matt Riley Walkinginitiatives to promote public sector innovation and spread proven and promising ideas among cities.
I co-ran our inaugural Mayors Challenge, a competition to inspire American cities to generate innovative ideas that solve major challenges and improve city life. (We launched a second competition in Europe this fall.) I also oversee projects on cross-sector collaboration, evidence-based government, and innovation teams in governments around the world. But surely my most important project is raising our one-year-old daughter!

How has having an MBA impacted your career?
My interest in general management led directly to my work with mayors. Just like corporate CEOs, they’re called upon to make their organizations more effective, efficient and accountable. I’ve greatly enjoyed working closely with big city chief executives. I’ve learned a ton from their pragmatic and principled leadership and it’s been a privilege to work with two of the greats.
HBS was a great education in what it takes to build and run high-performing organizations. I grappled with the difficult decisions that managers face daily and learned from classmates different ways of approaching challenges and opportunities. I became a better listener, a more authentic leader, and a more committed community citizen.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where will the next chapter take you?
Career-wise, I’m not sure. I don’t have a dream job or a five-year plan. I’ve learned that if you’re excited about what you do and you’re focused on being excellent at it every day, the right opportunities emerge from that.
What I do know: I find the greatest happiness in serving others. I’ll continue to seek out roles in which I have tangible impact and find meaning and adventure. I aspire to be a tri-sector athlete, working across the private, public and social sectors throughout life. I care deeply about being a great dad and husband, and an engaged member of my community. And I intend to heed the words of E.B. White and “get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time.”

– Matt Segneri, MBA 2010


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