Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in consulting anymore.

AmandaPost2“Are you sure I don’t need to wear a suit… not even business casual?” As a prior management consultant, I was rather uncomfortable putting on a t-shirt, jeans and running shoes for my first day at a new job. But I was reassured that I would fit right in at Nike.

After two weeks as a Nike intern, the work attire hasn’t been the only sign I’ve entered a different kind of company for the summer. Some of my favorite surprises so far include:

  • Running (literally sprinting) around the sprawling Nike campus during an orientation scavenger hunt – throwing a football on one of many sports fields, shooting basketball at the Bo Jackson gym, and guessing trivia questions about famous athletes in history.
  • Setting aside an office chair and using my standing desk, which boasts many health benefits and ergonomic advantages.
  • Having ‘coffee walks’, where co-workers stroll around campus and discuss business, in lieu of office meetings (though there are still plenty of those too).
  • Attending a fitness class over lunch or at the end of the day. The Cardio-Box class will surely whip me into shape, and the Hot Yoga class should help heal my achey muscles.
  • Taking advantage of 1/2 Day Fridays – a special summer program that encourages Nike employees to leave work after lunch to enjoy the incredible Portland weather while it lasts.

As the summer continues, I can’t wait to see what other surprises await, but one thing is certain – I’m not in consulting anymore.

-Amanda Burlison, MBA 2014


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