An update from the Hospitality Club

Our office had the chance to sit down with the HBS student Hospitality Club COO, Keaw Poopichapong. Here’s what she had to say:

As a club officer for The Hospitality and Travel Club, what are you most excited for?

  • We are really excited about the variety of events that our HTC team is planning, both on the career and fun sides. For example, we just had an exclusive dinner at the Chef’s table at Menton which was praised as one of Boston’s best restaurants. The Marriott team visited campus to give an HTC-exclusive industry education presentation. The best part was that they gave our members a surprise gift – Marriott Gold Membership status! We are also pleased with the increased collaboration with other clubs at HBS, such as the Real Estate Club who we are working with on the Dubai Trek and the Annual Conference.

What are the top buzz words among your members this year?

  • Treks! We might have up to 4 treks this year, doubled from previously just 2. There was a lot of excitement around the inaugural Dubai trek this coming January that we are co-hosting with three other clubs. This is a great addition to our usual Las Vegas Trek and New York Trek. We are also in the planning phase for the Italy Trek during spring break. Let’s see how it goes.

Describe one of your greatest events last year?

  • The New York Trek was our favorite event last year. The lineup was amazing. Our Keynote Speaker was Amar Lalvani (HBS 2001), Managing Partner of Standard Hotels, former Global Head of Luxury & Lifestyle Development for Hilton and former Head of Global Development for W Hotels. The celebrity Chef Daniel Boulud made a special appearance during our lunch and restaurant tour at Bar Boulud. We also had a coffee chat with the NYC Dining Room Collaborative (executives from some of NYC’s most notable restaurants such as Per Se, Eleven Madison Park, Jean-Georges, Daniel, Del Posto etc.). We did hotel tours at three of NYC’s top properties – W Downtown, the Standard High Line and Dream Downtown. We also met with the Tao Group’s Director of Nightlife and Director of F&B, did some wine tasting with a wine expert and also visited two start-ups in the travel and food industries. It was such an eventful day and we hope to make the trek event better this year.

What events are you most looking forward to in the year ahead?

  • Our 5th Hospitality & Travel Conference this Spring is going to be bigger than ever. We are partnering with the Real Estate Club and will have joint panels of great industry leaders. It will be on March 29th, 2015 and we are already starting to work on it.

Keaw Poopichapong, Chief Operating Officer, Hospitality & Travel Club (HTC)



Company Information Day Recap

A few weeks ago we successfully kicked off first-year recruiting with Company Information Day (CID).  49 companies representing 22 industries based in Boston, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Sao CIDPaulo, and more filled the HBS campus.  From the presentations to the networking sessions company representatives had the opportunity to connect with over 350 members of the Class of 2016.

If you were unable to attend CID but are still interested in recruiting for summer interns or full-time hires, there are a variety of ways to get involved:

  • Educate students about your company’s culture and opportunities by participating in Company Presentations at HBS.  We already have 89 companies signed up to present in November and December.
  • Participate in an Industry Education Event which is educational in nature and offers companies the opportunity to engage with students on topics of interest outside of recruiting.
  • Connect with students through targeted recruiting events including receptions, coffee chats and dinners.
  • Attend an upcoming student-led club conference to connect with students interested in your organization industry, function or location.

- Kendall Borges, Digital Engagement Manager, HBS Career & Professional Development

Finance Conference Recap

On October 25th, 2014, the Finance Conference took place at Harvard Business School, with the theme of Finance in the New Era of Growth. This was the first year of a joint-hosting for the event between the Harvard Business School Finance Club and the Harvard Kennedy School Finance and Macro PIC. Over 400 attendees registered for the event, which featured three keynote speakers and six panels through the course of the day.

The opening speaker was Mr. Doug Braunstein, current Vice Chairman at J.P. Morgan Chase. With experience in investment   FC- First Speaker  banking spanning back to 1986, Doug spoke on the inevitable cycles of the industry as well as his optimism in the ability of financial institutions to adapt to the deluge of regulatory changes seen since the financial crisis.

His discussion was followed by a selection of pFC- Women Panelanels, which included M&A, Structure of the Financial Industry, Women in Finance, and Capital Markets, each of which probed deeply into the subtopics covered.

Following lunch, Steven J. Goulart, CIO of MetLife, was able to speak about the investment philosophy at MetLife and on his views of the investment world following the crisis. This was followed by the panels Industry Regulation, Impact Investing, and Careers in Finance. Attendees also had the opportunity to engage in coffee chats with recruiting representatives from select firms.

The day ended withFC- evercore the closing speaker, Roger Altman, Founder and Executive Chairman at Evercore. Roger spoke on the broader economic risks he sees today as well as on his outlook for the future, which was a fitting close to the day’s discussions.

Janet Jin, HBS Finance Club Co-President


Alumni: Where are they now? Featuring Robert Leke…

RLCurrent Position: Senior Associate, Tana Africa Capital

Current Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Tell us what you’re up to these days. I maintain a position at the same company I joined shortly after my graduation from HBS in 2012. I work at Tana Africa Capital (Tana), an Africa-focused investment firm targeting businesses in the consumer-driven and agriculture-based sectors. My time with Tana has been nothing short of a thrill. I am grateful for the exposure and experiences gained over the past 2+ years, evaluating and executing on investment opportunities in over 10 countries across the continent. Given the lean team structure at Tana, every team member is encouraged to continuously stretch himself/herself into roles of greater responsibility and influence. This has afforded me the opportunity for great learning, as well as great challenges. Traveling in the frontier markets of Africa clearly places one at the forefront of the socio-economic difficulties confronting the region today. However, I continue to be amazed by the profound determination and optimism which I discover in the people I meet: hope for a better Africa has never been stronger. Other than work, I have taken up more reading and enjoy exploring the gradual rebirth of Johannesburg’s once-derelict downtown neighborhoods.

How has having an MBA impacted your career? Obtaining an MBA has impacted my career in more ways than I would have imagined on my graduation day. Experiencing the case method has greatly enhanced my ability to unravel complexity in the midst of a challenging conversation, and contribute in a timely manner with relevant input which moves the conversation forward. Given the broad geographic reach of the HBS alumni network, I can gain from their hospitality – as well as learn from their experiences – in several cities where I travel. Finally, I have had the opportunity to maintain touch with some professors who have served as invaluable advisers during important junctures in my career thus far.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where will the next chapter take you? I enjoy working with African businesses, providing support wherever necessary, to grow them in a sustainable manner. I do not foresee this interest changing over the next 5 years. I intend to continue growing my career at Tana, learning from its leaders and the increasing responsibilities which they offer to younger members of the team. I hope to one day help in building this investment firm into one which is known for its hands-on management approach, patient capital and deep knowledge in the sectors within which we operate in Africa.

- Robert Leke, MBA 2012

Create Buzzworthy Industry Education Events at HBS

As a presenting recruiting organization, you may face a marketing challenge. And that is, how to be both differentiated and relevant when you make an Industry Education Event to HBS students.  These events provide companies with the opportunity to engage with students on topics of interest outside of recruiting. We want you to succeed in your presentations, and have students walk away both smarter and psyched about your firm and sector because they invested their time to attend.  Here are our four keys to that kingdom of an outstanding Industry Education Event:

  1. Focus on a Game Changing Topic: Is there some element of your business model creating real news in the category?   What does the firm have going on that is really changing its marketplace?  Create a differentiating story around that aspect of the business, and position it as the latest dimension of how your firm leads your industry.  Be tough on yourselves as you pick the topic; the more ground-breaking the story, the more relevant your firm will be to our students.
  1. Get Personal with Invitations:  As an HBS recruiting partner, you can use the HBS resume book databasesto select students whom you are particularly interested in targeting.  And all of us are more responsive to personal invitations compared to generic ones, right?  Those firms who send personalized email invitations to specific students tend to have a more engaged audience at their Industry Education Events.  Our students appreciate the personal touch and it says something positive about your firm’s culture.
  1. Use an Ace Presenter: Great content deserves a great presenter.  A less than dynamic speaker who doesn’t connect well with the MBA audience can hurt your firm’s buzz on-campus.  It pays off to pick the most engaging senior presenter you can, and if they are an HBS alum, all the better.  You’ll stand out better as a firm, and resonate more memorably with students.
  1. Bring a Dynamic Posse: We can’t stress enough how having a few employees at your presentation, who genuinely want to connect with HBS students afterwards, will make a lasting difference for your organization.  You are investing your team’s time and funds to travel to HBS, and sending an energetic posse of colleagues to speak with our students after the presentation will drive more return for that investment.  Of course, it’s fantastic if they are HBS alumni, but if they aren’t, just pick people who MBA students can relate to and who want to connect with HBS students.

Best of luck with your Industry Education Events. And be in touch with our office if we can help your marketing and recruiting efforts at HBS in any way.

Laurie Matthews, Corporate Relations Director, HBS Career & Professional Development


Tap into HBS Alumni Talent

Over 100 alumni who graduated between 20 and 45 years ago connected with our office while on campus for Fall reunions a few weeks ago. Proving to be as driven as the day they graduated, this dynamic group of alumni expressed interest in a wide variety of opportunities from joining a board to weighing new job offers and actively seeking new roles.

While many of our recruiting partners think of our school as a place to recruit students for summer internship and post-graduate full time opportunities, we thought this was a great opportunity to remind you, our partners, that our alumni are an extraordinary group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests that would add value to your organization.

If you are recruiting for a mid-level manager, senior leader, or even C-suite executive, we encourage you to visit Career Hub. Once there you can post a job or view a resume book of all alumni actively seeking new roles.  You may also want to visit the Harvard Business School Education Page on LinkedIn to find relevant alumni in your sector. Additionally, contact our office at any time to discuss best practices.  Our industry experts can help you devise a recruiting strategy specific to your hiring needs.

- Scott Renner, Associate Director, HBS Career and Professional Development

HBS Class of 2016

Fall is such an enjoyable time of year at HBS – the campus is buzzing with excitement as the new school year begins.  Over the past month, our office of Career and Professional Development has gotten to know the 937 members of the Class of 2016 and hear more about the myriad of interests they are intending to pursue this summer.  It seems that every industry, function and location are represented as we listen to the students’ plans for their careers.  With recruiting right around the corner, now is the time for the students to learn more about the opportunities available to them.  Company Information Day – with more than 45 companies on campus – kicks things off in just a few weeks and marks the start of our recruiting season.

While this is a very exciting time, we realize that it is also an extremely busy time for our recruiting partners.  In fact, you might wonder how to find candidates at HBS that would be a great fit for your organization. The idea of sorting through hundreds of resumes is a daunting task, especially if you are looking for specific criteria.  Our office can help with this!  Our class and club resume book databases allow you to search and sort by criteria that are essential to your organization.  Your parameters can be tightly focused (targeting students with previous manufacturing experience hoping to pursue a career in Singapore) or broad (all students with consulting and finance experience); it is completely up to you.  Additionally, do not hesitate to contact our office to talk about your recruiting goals and needs and how best to reach our students.  Our goal is to help connect with you candidates that would be a great fit within your organization while maximizing the efficiency of your recruiting efforts.

The Class of 2016 resume database is available on 10/16. As always, feel free to contact our office with any questions.

- Kristen Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, HBS Career & Professional Development


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